About me

I'm David Caballero, love to drink some good coffee, no sugar, movies and a good book.

What i do for a living?

Some DevOps stuff, Webs, Automations, and IaC.


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Based on important things in life...

Learning wood carving.

Based on DevOps...

US: DevOps, as Contractor DevOps Associate for AWS Services at the company, Accomplished as a teamwork SLA of 99.99% over all the platforms of the company, Experienced delivering changes with GitHub, Ansible, and AWS, Production support for Kubernetes Clusters and Docker Hosts. Over 2000 Containers and Pods, with several different products.

Canada: Analyst, and IT Support, e-Consilium & Loblaws inc. Upgrades and Better performances in different landscapes, Support of ORMS Oracle Retail Merchandising System, Support of WebPDM Web Product development and management ,Support of TMOD Transportation Modeler, Support and Deployment of JDA i2 TMS

Some interesting repos

Terraform Registry - TF AWS eks-roles module
AWS - CI/CD in AWS CloudFormation and ECS demo with Fargate
Kube cluster with Vagrant and Ansible
Full ELK deployment

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